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What is Hasty Baker

Hasty Baker is a card game where you compete to collect the ingredients for your recipes. The recipe cards are a variety of delicious desserts and the ingredient cards are various ingredients portrayed as goofy characters.

Be warned, ingredients aren't the only cards in the deck! Cards like Steal Ingredient and Spoil Ingredient can change the game real quick. Make someone cook a double batch to slow them down. Those are some of the ways you can strategically sabotage other players to give yourself an advantage in this baking competition style game.

How to Play

Hasty Baker Coloring Book

COVID-19 is keeping a lot of kids home. You might be looking for activities so we are providing this set of coloring pages with all the illustrations from their favorite game! Download the printable PDF and enjoy!

Download the Coloring Book (PDF)

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These are some of the ingredients you have to work with.
No matter what mood you're in, these will boost your spirits.


Thousands of years of experience working with others to create some of the world's best tasting recipes.


Did they come first? There isn't a chicken in the game to argue.


Controversial at times but sweet all the time. An essential ingredient in improving the taste of desserts everywhere.


Bakers can't buy better butter than the butter we bought for baking.


Don't take our word for it

Best Family fun

Mere months after its release, Hasty Baker won the 2020 Tillywig Best Family Fun award.

Game of the year

Creative Child Magazine dubbed Hasty Baker the 2020 Game of the Year.                    


Hasty Baker continues to receive praise from young and old!

A game for the WHOLE family

Throughout our testing, we asked people to provide testimonials about the game so we could show the opinions of real players. Their feedback was amazing. We are really encouraged by how much people have loved it!

The gameplay is fun for adults. The illustrations catch the eye of kids. The rules are simple enough to get started right away. A great activity for young and old!

Allison Wolfe Loves Hasty Baker

Allison Wolfe, season 15 winner of Food Networks cooking competition show "Worst Cooks in America" is a big fan. Being a mother and someone who loves to get her kids excited about learning new things, she tells you why she has been so happy to be one of our pre-release testers.

Hasty Baker in the Media

Even though Hasty Baker has been available for less than a year, it's getting a lot of press!
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