a quick overview

A taste of the gameplay

Shuffle the blue deck and the red deck separately.

If you'd like, you can use the box to hold the draw and discard piles of the blue deck. We designed the box to give this option to players who like a tidy table.

Every player gets 7 blue cards

...and a recipe card

On Your Turn

Every Turn, You get 2 actions

Choose from these options:

Recipes need ingredients

Place an ingredient in front of you to work toward completing the recipe!

Keep things interesting

Play one of the many strategy cards to slow other players or speed yourself up!

Out with the old, in with the new

Replace a card in hopes of getting a better one!

Get 5 points, you win!

Each completed recipe is worth a point. You can get extra points by:

  • Playing a Blue Ribbon card on your recipe before you complete it. A recipe can have just 1 Blue Ribbon so don't try to get too greedy!
  • Completing a Double Batch. If you or someone else plays a Double Batch card on your recipe, you have to get double the ingredients to complete it, BUT you also get an extra point when you do. Hmm, is it worth the risk?..

Both of these cards get put with the completed recipes to represent the additional point.

Read the full rules

Download a PDF of the rule sheet so you can read the rules in detail.


Have a question not answered in the rules?

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