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July 28, 2020
Fox 11 News
Los Angeles, CA
June 15, 2020
San Antonio Living
San Antonio, TX
June 9, 2020
Daytime With Kimberly & Esteban
San Antonio, TX
Sept 3, 2020
NBC California Live
Los Angeles, CA

Appearances in print publications


Creative Play Retailer

Creative Play Retailer is a magazine for toy retailers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest must-have toys on the market. Hasty Baker was featured on the cover of the magazine and a full page editorial about the game inside.

Coconut Creek Lifestyle

With summer comes fun summer activities. Hasty Baker was featured in their section on products great to have when playing around in the sun.

Seattle Times

Hasty Baker was featured in Seattle Times on Dec 23rd 2020. The article was republished in newspapers across the US.

Parents & Kids

Appeared in Oct/Nov issues of Parents & Kids magazine.

Creative Play Retailer

The cover and a full page editorial about Hasty Baker appeared in the March 2020 issue of Creative Play Retailer magazine.

Coconut Creek Lifestyle

The July 2020 edition featured Hasty Baker among their picks for the best "staycation" products.

Online features in articles and blogs



An article on Medium about Unique Fathers Day gifts called out Hasty Baker as a great option. It is definitely a great gift for any occasion when you want to encourage togetherness.

Stockpiling Moms

The Staycation Summer Essentials article by Stockpiling Moms highlighted Hasty Baker as something to have when you need to make time for a vacation at home with the family.

Texas Lifestyle Magazine

In How to Upgrade Your Summer Game Night, Texas Lifestyle Magazine listed Hasty Baker as a game everyone can enjoy playing. It's first of the four options they chose!

San Diego Family

"Nothing brings a family together like playing games. Prevent summer boredom, put the phones away and connect with each other"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Go Fatherhood

Go Fatherhood provided a review while Hasty Baker was in its testing phase. "It’s not complicated, and while there’s a bit of strategy revolving around disrupting your opponent or opponents versus just trying to finish up your own recipes, it’s definitely a family friendly game."


Hasty Baker was called out in Buzzfeed as one of the best Father's Day gifts for 2020. We love to see families spend more time together and since Hasty Baker is fun for kids and adults, it's a no brainer!

Skewed & Reviewed

Skewed & Reviewed called out Hasty Baker, saying "With people staying inside more and more it is vital to find fun ways to pass the time and break the routine. Hasty Baker offers a fun game that the entire family can enjoy."

Pure Wow

Pure Wow featured Hasty Baker in an article about 15 Great Card Games for Kids. They say "Great for kids with a sweet tooth since they can have fun with dessert minus the cavities and the clean-up."

M Magazine

M Magazine highlighted Hasty Baker in their Fun & Games article about fun games to play with your kids. The fun doesn't have to stop when you come out of the sun!

Board Game Capital

A review and info about Hasty Baker. "We'd give the graphics on this card game an 11 out of 10. They are so nicely done - bright, cartoony, clear, and simple."


In a collection of Road Trip Gear, Hasty Baker was listed as something you need to have with you. Its small size makes it easy to bring on a trip, whether that is camping, driving across the country, or flying to visit relatives.

Living Out Loud LA

This article titled "Family and Baby Brands You Need to Know NOW" featured Hasty Baker.

Chocolate n Children

These girls had a blast playing Hasty Baker and commented about how easy it was for young people but fun for adults to play with them. It's their new favorite game!

Our Kids Magazine

The November issue's Holiday Gift Guide listed Hasty Baker as a great gift for families.

Owl Kids Magazine

Owl Kids gave Hasty Baker as a prize for their snowless snow sculpture contest. Such a fun idea for a contest!

YouTube reviewers and features


Hungry Gamer
YouTube board game reviewer
Boardgame Mechanics
YouTube board game reviewer
YouTube Board Game Reviewer
Lucie & Gray
Lucie & Gray play a little Hasty Baker with their kids

Interviewed on Passage to Profit

Passage to Profit is a show on iHeart Radio about finance and business. We were invited on their show to talk about Hasty Baker. Learn a little more about the brothers who created the game. We enjoyed the opportunity!